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The approximate total weight: 6.500 kg
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Brands: 大嘴巴;
model: T5;
Color Classification: Silver; black;
Original description

The sound is a more subjective stuff, metaphysics itself is, each person's preferences and taste, this price, this sound can only say: premium, super cool!

When brewing this product should be a long time, the players arrived, but Matisse's voice ah, since it is a classic, not a lack of natural heroes Exhibition Road fists on the market. Do notToo, since it is a blessing for the players doing simple repetitive? So after pondering, proofing, tuning, based on this platform civilian players played very Cock wire. Great God what's opinions and suggestions from various quarters Paizhuan welcome ~~

Said it was a warm tube preamp is not an exaggeration, the overall feeling of the sound plain, full, warm tone, rich in overtones, relatively strong sense of air, sounds of nature, the atmosphere, the hearts of people often turn to audition meal, could not bear to leave .

I must mention a few points: a signal to noise ratio high, such as background music throughout the canyons between the sweet spring water, people feel an authentic serenity and beauty; two sound field is open, even on amplifier moment suddenly a kind of feeling, as much of the original look, all of a sudden stood opposite, sound close, run, and warmer, more flexible a.

Note:The machine has black silver and white optional default hair silver money need notes to black

The latest upgrade to the gold-plated copper terminals terminal, more stable and durable!

Although previously issued picture ugly but not changed(Respect for history)The following is an update section. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First, to supplement the two internal map for everyone to enjoy ~!

Really like works of art of wood there? Uniform internal components, solder joints full uniform, this is not just good-looking strategy, some witty friend should be seen from our meticulous work, the pursuit of the perfect attitude.

We do T5 original intention was to pursue a HIFI platform, only need minor changes, the tubes can-take-all market. The classic circuit, excellent and pluggable pre-board design possibilities are endless.(Sincerely welcome friends and playful interaction with us, like to listen to some tubes friend please contact customer service, gather 10 people, started tubes designed for development projects, after completion we have a new fun, it not wonderful Kazuya)

Figure internal appreciate is completed, it is said to improve it.There are two main improvements in appearance.

First: increase the black section of the T5;

Second: the front panel and the rear panel of the housing increases identifier;

Positive switch and volume control knob switch

Audio input on the back(Can speak of such as mobile phones / MP3 / computer / CD machine etc. can be used as input)Audio outputIdentity.

Logo did not do before, looked to buy some of the comments T5 friends, we decided to identify the make up, then we would like to thank those comments seriously to friends, your sound advice, our team continues to make progress, thank you.

Products Figure:

Because of the shooting really not good, it has been very hard but still not real pretty picture, please bear with me!

From now on you can buy T5 as shown above, front and back are clearly labeled.

Explain: T5 black shell is drawing process, the casing is matte silver T5 technology.

When the dark night, turn off the lights and enjoy the music, light blue highlighted with soft lighting tube, like a remote control navigation beacon in the night, really beautiful, but because of the limited technology does not make that kind of feeling, welcome friends to buy sun look at Mito(Figure legendary fighting, there may appear a mysterious gift), Ha ha.

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