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The approximate total weight: 6.500 kg
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Color Classification: Silver; black;
Brand: 大嘴巴;
model: T5;
Original description

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Sound is a more subjective stuff, it is a metaphysics, each person's preferences and tastes are different, this price, this voice can only say: value, super cool!

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; The brewing of this product should be a long time, not to the player's voice of Matisse, since it is a classic, there is no shortage of heroes in the market. Do notAfter that, since the player is doing a simple repetition? So after repeated trials, proofing, tuning, this civilian based on the player platform is extremely popular. Everyone has great opinions and suggestions, welcome to pat the bricks~~

Nbsp;nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;The latest feedback, follow-up feedback for nearly a year, this amplifier is really good in the car, you can consider the need for the car(I have always worried about different models, the power supply is not clean and easy to have noise, but after many friends have not used this feedback, I think if there is not too bad equipment, there will be no problem. 12V power supply friends can consider, need to take contact customer service has a surprise!)

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Say this is a warm tube preamplifier is not an exaggeration, the overall feeling of sound is flat, full, warm tone, rich overtones, strong air, sound natural, atmospheric, often turn on the audition I can't bear to leave if I have a heart.

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; There are several points that I have to mention: a signal-to-noise ratio is super high, the background of the whole music, such as the sweet spring water in the canyon, makes people feel a sense of true tranquility and beauty; It was the sound field that opened, and the moment when the power amplifier was connected, there was a feeling of suddenness and openness. Just like listening to it, it suddenly stood on the opposite side, and the sound was near, moist, warmer and more flexible.

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Someone always asked me what is the difference between the bile preamplage of the 6J1 tube, pro, 6J1 tube and 6N3 tube are not a level of good? The price difference is four or five times, you feel that it is a level The upgradeable space is also bigger, the relatively upgradeable tube on the market is also higher end, the sound is wonderful and natural. It is also wonderful. Plus the original chip we used, the classic stable Circuit, dedicated booster board, dedicated tube tube board... You can squat down, speak!!

Nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;Note:The machine is available in black and silver. The default is silver. You need a black note.

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; The previous picture was ugly but not changed.(Respect history)The following is the update section. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; First of all to add two internal drawings for everyone to enjoy ~!

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Is it really like a piece of art? The internal components are neat and uniform, and the solder joints are even and full. This is not only good-looking. Some witty friends should be able to see that we are meticulous in our work and pursue a perfect attitude.

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; The original intention of our T5 is to pursue a HIFI platform, only a small modification, you can eat all the tubes on the market. The classic circuit, the unique plug-in preamp design, brings endless possibilities.(I sincerely welcome friends who love to play and interact with us. If you like to listen to some kind of pipe, please contact customer service, and make up 10 people to start the development project specially designed for the pipe. After the completion, everyone has new fun.哉)

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; After the internal map is finished, let's talk about improvement.There are two major improvements in appearance.

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; First: added a black T5;

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Second: added a logo on the front and rear panels of the enclosure;

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; front switch switch and volume adjustment knob

Nbsp;nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;Back audio input(Can be used as input, such as mobile phone / MP3 / computer / CD player)With audio outputLogo.

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; did not do the logo before, saw some comments from friends who bought T5, we decided to do the logo, and then thank those friends who seriously give us comments, your pertinent opinions, let our team Continuous improvement, thank you.

Product map:

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Because it is really not good for shooting, it has been very hard, but the picture is still not beautiful, please bear with me!

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; From now on, you can buy the T5 as shown above, with a clear logo on the front and back.

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Explain: the black T5 shell is the drawing process, and the silver T5 shell is the matte process.



Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; In the dark night, when turning off the lights and enjoying the music, the bright blue light and the soft light of the tube, like the lighthouse in the nighttime navigation, is really beautiful, but because of the limited technology, I really can’t shoot that feeling. Welcome friends to buy a photo(Legendary fighting, perhaps a mysterious gift appears)Haha.


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