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Color Classification: Grey roller blind(Original factory); Beige roller blind(Original factory); Old beige assembly(Original factory); Pair of clips;
Brand: 大众;
Original description

Skylight sunroof roller blinds sunshade skylight curtain

Applicable models: Audi Q5 Tiguan Tuhuan Wild Emperor

Roller blinds are divided into new and old models, the new card has a hole, and the old model has two holes. As long as you buy the roller blind clip, the new old models are the same.

The sunroof roller blind cloth is very easy to be broken with the steel wire on the side. In the case of falling off, it is generally possible to replace the rolling fabric, but the clip is easily damaged when it is disassembled. In order to avoid the time when installing, it is recommended to buy the clip together.(Only personal advice, you can consult the installation master.)

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