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Color Classification: 90YB60GV22; 90YB90GV22; 90YB120GV22;
series: 90YB90GV22; ; 90YB120GV22; 90YB60GV22
Installation form: 90YB90GV22; ; 90YB120GV22; 90YB60GV22
Brand: JSCC research;
Tooth surface hardness: 90YB90GV22; ; 90YB120GV22; 90YB60GV22
Layout form: 90YB90GV22; ; 90YB120GV22; 90YB60GV22
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Luo Luo precision durable nbsp; gear motor, speed motor, servo motor, servo drive, planetary reducer, PLC, governor, inverter, right angle geared motor, DC brushless motor, torque motor and other motion control and power transmission component.
Head of Business Department: Jiang Xiaolan nbsp; Yang Qing
Business Engineer: Mr. Meng Xiaohua
Electricity nbsp; words: 0510-85186125 nbsp; 18168871258
Electricity nbsp; words: 18168867825 nbsp; 18115756855
Pass nbsp; true: 0510-85187125
Nbsp;nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;
Luo Luo Precision Industry Wuxi Co., Ltd. nbsp;nbsp;
Electricity nbsp; words: 0510-85186125
传; true: 0510-85187125nbsp;
地;;Address: Building 8, Jiaye City, Lide Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City (left side of the municipal government)
Nbsp;nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;
Nanjing Quanzhong Reducer Co., Ltd. nbsp;
Electricity nbsp; words: 18168867825
Pass nbsp; true:0510-85187125Nbs;
地;;Address: 125 Jiangjun Avenue, Jiangning Development Zone, Nanjing
Nbsp; nbsp;
Taiwan Quanzhong Co., Ltd.
Tel: 886-4-22154288 nbsp; nbsp; Contact: Chen Wei
Fax: 886-4-22137949
Address: No. 9, Lane 121, Section 4, Freedom Road, East District, Taichung City

Nbsp;JSCC precision grinding motor geared motor speed control motor servo motor planetary reducer speed governor inverter

Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;
Motor power: 6W ~ 1500W
Single-phase voltage: 110V/220V
Three-phase voltage: 220V/380V
DC voltage: 12V ~ 180Vnbsp;
Deceleration ratio: 1/3 to 1/1800
Output speed: 0.1 ~ 1450RPM
Output torque: 0.1 ~ 360N.m
The whole series of motors are equipped with governors, drives and inverters, which are convenient for users to choose;
Leading drive technology, with a number of world patents, giving full play to motor performance;
With MCU drive control technology, it has high reliability and many functions, and it can be compatible with PLC to achieve higher automation.
Nbsp; nbsp;
Part of the inverter model:
A025 nbsp;A040
B075 nbsp; B150 nbsp; B220
C075 nbsp;C150 nbsp;C220 nbsp;C300 nbsp;
D400 nbsp;D550 nbsp;D750 nbsp;D1100 nbsp;D1500 nbsp;D1850 nbsp;D2200
Digital display panel model:
DF48 nbsp; DF50
Potentiometer model:
H5K nbsp;M5K nbsp;S5Knbsp;
Nbsp; nbsp;
SF panel type multi-function governor (input voltage: AC single phase 220V):
SF06E nbsp;SF15E nbsp;SF25E nbsp;SF40E nbsp;SF60E nbsp;SF90E nbsp;SF120E nbsp;SF200E
Nbsp; nbsp;
SK built-in multi-function governor (input voltage: AC single-phase 220V):
SK200E nbsp;RSK6E nbsp;RSK15E nbsp;RSK25E nbsp;RSK40E nbsp;RSK60E nbsp;RSK90E nbsp;RSK120E nbsp;RSK200E
TF panel type multi-function torque motor driver (input voltage: AC single phase 220V):
TF100E nbsp;RTF6E nbsp;RTF10E nbsp;RTF20E nbsp;RTF40E nbsp;RTF60E nbsp;RTF90E
TK built-in multi-function torque motor driver (input voltage: AC single phase 220V):
TK100E nbsp;RTK6E nbsp;RTK10E nbsp;RTK20E nbsp;RTK40E nbsp;RTK60E nbsp;RTK90E
SFB panel type multi-function speed control brake (input voltage: AC single phase 220V):
SFB06E nbsp;SFB15E nbsp;SFB25E nbsp;SFB40E nbsp;SFB60E nbsp;SFB90E nbsp;SFB120E nbsp;SFB200E
SKB built-in multi-function speed brake (input voltage: AC single phase 220V):
SKB200E nbsp;RSKB15E nbsp;RSKB25E nbsp;RSKB40E nbsp;RSKB60E nbsp;RSKB90E nbsp;RSKB120E nbsp;RSKB200E
SPC panel governor (input voltage: AC single phase 220V):
SPC06E nbsp;SPC15E nbsp;SPC25E nbsp;SPC40E nbsp;SPC60E nbsp;SPC90E nbsp;SPC120E nbsp;SPC200E
SNT built-in governor (input voltage: AC single phase 220V):
SNT200E nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;
The following are some of the motor models: JSCC Model:
60YS06GV22X nbsp;60YT06GV22X nbsp;60YB06GV22X British Luo Luo precision gear reducer 60YR06GV22Xnbsp;
70YS15GV22 nbsp;70YT15GV22 nbsp;70YB15GV22 nbsp;70YR15GV22 nbsp;70YF15GV22
80YS25GV22 nbsp;80YT25GV22 British Luo Luo precision speed control motor 80YB25GV22 nbsp; 80YR25GV22 nbsp; 80YF25GV22nbsp;
80YS25GY22 nbsp;80YS25GY38 nbsp;80YB25GY22 nbsp;80YS25GY38 nbsp;nbsp;
90YS40GV22 nbsp;90YT40GV22 British Luo Luo precision geared motor 90YB40GV22 nbsp;90YR40GV22 nbsp;90YF40GV22 nbsp;
90YS40GY22 nbsp;90YS40GY38 nbsp;90YB40GY22 nbsp;90YB40GY38 nbsp;90YF40GV22
90YS60GV22 nbsp;90YT60GV22 nbsp;90YB60GV22 Luo Luo precision speed control motor 90YS60GY22 nbsp;90YS60GY38
90YR60GV22 nbsp;90YB60GY22 nbsp;90YB60GY38 nbsp;90YF60GV22 nbsp;
90YS90GV22 British Luo Luo precision reducer 90YS90GY22 nbsp; 90YS90GY38 nbsp; 90YT90GV22 nbsp; 90YB90GV22
90YB90GY22 nbsp;90YB90GY38 Luo Luo precision reducer 90YR90GV22 nbsp;90YF90GV22 nbsp;
90YS120GV22 nbsp;90YT120GV22 nbsp;90YB120GV22 nbsp;90YR120GV22 nbsp;90YF120GV22
90YS120GY22 nbsp;90YS120GY38 Luo Luo precision geared motor 90YB120GY22 nbsp;90YB120GY38
100YS200GV22 nbsp;100YT200GV22 100YB200GY38 nbsp;100YS200GY22 nbsp;100YS200GY38nbsp;
100YB200GV22 nbsp;100YB200GY22 nbsp;100YF200GV22 Luo Luo precision inverter nbsp;
70TP06GV22 nbsp; 80TP010GV22 nbsp; 90TP20GV22 nbsp; 100TP40GV22
The following are some of the gearbox models: JSCC Model:
80GK3RC nbsp;80GK3.6RC nbsp;80GK5RC nbsp;80GK6RC nbsp;80GK7.5RC British Luo Luo Precision 80GK10RC nbsp;80GK12.5RC nbsp;80GK15RC nbsp;80GK18RC nbsp;80GK20RC nbsp; 80GK25RC nbsp;
80GK30RC nbsp;80GK36RC nbsp;80GK50RC nbsp;80GK60RC nbsp;80GK75RC nbsp;80GK90RC nbsp;80GK100RC British Luo Luo precision reducer nbsp;80GK120RC nbsp;80GK150RC nbsp;80GK180RC
80GK3RT nbsp; 80GK3.6RT nbsp; 80GK5RT nbsp; 80GK6RT JSCC Nanjing 80GK7.5RT nbsp; 80GK10RT 80GK12.5RT nbsp; 80GK15RT nbsp; 80GK18RT nbsp; 80GK20RT nbsp; 80GK25RT nbsp;
80GK30RT nbsp;80GK36RT nbsp;80GK50RT nbsp;80GK60RT nbsp;80GK75RT nbsp;80GK90RT nbsp;80GK100RT Nanjing JSCC Precision Motor nbsp;80GK120RT nbsp;80GK150RT nbsp;80GK180RT
90GF3H nbsp;90GF3.6H nbsp;90GF5H nbsp;90GF6H nbsp;90GF7.5H nbsp;90GF10H nbsp;90GF12.5H nbsp;90GF15H nbsp;90GF18H nbsp;90GF20H nbsp;90GF25H
90GF30H nbsp;90GF36H nbsp;90GF50H nbsp;90GF60H nbsp;90GF75H nbsp;90GF90H RORO Luo Luo Precision 90GF100H nbsp;90GF120H nbsp;90GF150H nbsp;90GF180Hnbsp;
90GK3H nbsp;90GK3.6H nbsp;90GK5H nbsp;90GK6H nbsp;90GK7.5H nbsp;90GK10Hnbsp;Luo Luo PrecisionNbsp;90GK12.5H nbsp;90GK15H nbsp;90GK18H nbsp;90GK20H nbsp;90GK25H
90GK30H nbsp;90GK36H nbsp;90GK50H nbsp;90GK60H nbsp;90GK75H nbsp;90GK90H nbsp;90GK100H nbsp;90GK120H nbsp;90GK150H nbsp;90GK180Hnbsp;
90GK(F)3RC nbsp;90GK(F)3.6RC nbsp;90GK(F)5RC nbsp;90GK(F)6RC nbsp;90GK(F)7.5RC nbsp;90GK(F)10RC nbsp;90GK(F)12.5RC Nbsp;90GK(F)15RC nbsp;
90GK(F)18RC nbsp;90GK(F)20RC British Rollo Precision Inverter 90GK(F)25RC nbsp;90GK(F)30RC nbsp;90GK(F)36RC nbsp;90GK(F)50RC nbsp;90GK(F) 60RC nbsp; 90GK(F)75RC nbsp;
90GK(F)90RC nbsp;90GK(F)100RC XAJONG 90GK(F)120RC British Rollo Precision 90GK(F)150RC nbsp;90GK(F)180RC nbsp;
90GK(F)3RT nbsp;90GK(F)3.6RT nbsp;90GK(F)5RT nbsp;90GK(F)6RT nbsp;90GK(F)7.5RT nbsp;90GK(F)10RT nbsp;90GK(F)12.5RT Nbsp;90GK(F)15RT nbsp;
90GK(F)18RT nbsp;90GK(F)20RT nbsp;90GK(F)25RT nbsp;90GK(F)30RT nbsp;90GK(F)36RT nbsp;90GK(F)50RT nbsp;90GK(F)60RT nbsp;90GK (F)75RT nbsp;
90GK(F)90RT nbsp;90GK(F)100RT nbsp;90GK(F)120RT British Rollo Precision 90GK(F)150RT nbsp;90GK(F)180RT
100GF3H nbsp;100GF3.6H nbsp;100GF5H nbsp;100GF6H nbsp;100GF7.5H nbsp;100GF10H nbsp;100GF12.5H nbsp;100GF15H nbsp;100GF20H nbsp;100GF25H nbsp;
100GF30H nbsp;100GF36H nbsp;100GF50H Luo Luo precision speed control motor 100GF60H nbsp;100GF75H nbsp;100GF90H nbsp;100GF100H nbsp; 100GF120H nbsp;100GF150H nbsp; 100GF180H
100GF3RC nbsp;100GF3.6RC nbsp;100GF5RC Rollo Precision Reducer 100GF6RC nbsp;100GF7.5RC nbsp;100GF10RC nbsp;100GF12.5RC nbsp;100GF15RC nbsp;100GF18RC nbsp;100GF20RC nbsp;
100GF25RC nbsp;100GF30RC nbsp;100GF36RC nbsp;100GF50RC nbsp;100GF60RC nbsp;100GF75RC nbsp;100GF100RC nbsp; 100GF120RC 100GF150RC Taiwan full weight 100GF180RC
100GF3RT nbsp;100GF3.6RT nbsp;100GF5RT nbsp;100GF6RT nbsp;100GF7.5RT nbsp;100GF10RT nbsp;100GF12.5RT nbsp;100GF15RT nbsp;100GF18RT nbsp;100GF20RT nbsp;
100GF25RT nbsp;100GF30RT nbsp;100GF36RT nbsp;100GF50RT nbsp;100GF60RT Luo Luo precision geared motor 100GF75RT nbsp;100GF100RT nbsp;100GF120RT nbsp;100GF150RT nbsp;100GF180RT

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