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Color Classification: red; green; blue;
Brand: HSDZ;
Item number: XR1075;
Original description



XR1075 is the US EXARNew companyHigh resolution BBE chipWith the new bipolar technology, the chip has lower noise figure, smaller total harmonic distortion, and smaller chip size.(Dual in-line 18-pin package)The peripheral components are further simplified.High and low frequency extension is more special, high frequency resolution(Resolution)Enhanced adjustment range and low frequency compensation adjustment rangeThey are all wider than the XR1071. The XR1075 has a minimum operating voltage of 6V, a typical value of 12V, a maximum of 35V, and a working current of 15mA.

XR1075BBESound enhancement processingTechnology is the United StatesBBE Sound IncThe company's audio technology, which is designed to dramatically improve the quality of listening, intelligently corrects and restores the defect of any audio system leading to signal loss and phase deviation for various reasons, so that the sound is truly reproduced. soundFeel the high and low soundsAt the same time, the original loss of sound details can be reproduced, positioning, clarity, and brightness are close to the ideal live sound effect, added to the sound systemBBE circuit will make the sound brighterIt gives you more depth, slenderness and clarity. The treble is slender, the midrange is mellow, the bass is full and natural, and the listener has an immersive effect.

product features


1: Ultra-thin design, easy to install, board size: 60MM*58MM*16MM (excluding the position where the potentiometer protrudes) The center distance between the potentiometers is 24MM.

2: The input-output coupling part is coupled with a new Japanese imported ELNA capacitor tonic fever capacitor with excellent sound quality.

3: At any cost, use Philips non-inductive CBB capacitors, torch monolithic capacitors, Japan imported ELNA audio special tonic capacitors; Japan imported ruby ​​and other capacitive filters.

4: Professional design experience, solid material, using FR4 black high-grade fever-grade double panel, low-resistance thick copper is more conducive to improve the analysis of small signals, to ensure the quality of fever and high fidelity.

5: The power supply adopts the protection circuit and adopts the original 7812 voltage regulator. The power consumption of this board is very small. It does not need to be installed in the hot summer.(Use PCB cooling)

6: This board is suitable for use with any amplifier.

7: Wide voltage single power supply, 9V to 35V can work(Minimum 6V),easy to use. Six high-quality capacitors are filtered in parallel to eliminate current sound.



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